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Rev marketing is a full service digital marketing agency. A team of digital strategists, content creators and UX designers, we work to ensure a seamless online experience for our clients. We thrive under pressure and believe in close collaboration. We take the time to ‘read the fine print’ and get to know your business from the inside-out, thus resulting in a tailored, strategic plan for digital success. Your virtual right hand, we’ll take care of everything digital so you can focus on the rest.  Interested? Lets talk.

Social Media Management

Grow brand awareness, forge better relationships, and increase website traffic through social media. We’ll analyse what motivates and influences your consumers and build a comprehensive strategy to increase engagement, with visible results.

Digital Advertising

We’ll analyse your target audience and isolate the best digital channels needed to find them. Be it google adwords, bing, facebook or another platform, we know how to start a conversation and how to find out who’s doing the talking – in real time – with real people.

Analytics & Conversion

We go beyond the pretty pages, and delve ‘under the hood’ of your website. Digital analytics is about being one step ahead – and we’re two. We’ll get to know your audience and translate their experiences into hard data, to better optimise your brand for future engagement.



Well ensure you’re saying all the right things in all the right places. Numbers are our game and we have the skillset to test and measure insights from multiple channels – culminating in maximum return for you.


Graphic, UX and UI design

A great brand experience is at the core of what we do.  Whatever your needs, our team will ensure your user experience and user interface is unmatched through exceptional design. We thrive on creating interfaces that integrate seamlessly, whatever the platform.

Branding & Strategy

We’ll get to know you, better than you! We help brands understand who they are and stay true to their core beliefs. We’ll build strategies to ensure you’re communicating effectively and establishing a dominance within your chosen market.


One of the best forms of storytelling, we’ll weave your message through a compelling video – creating an emotional attachment to your brand. But great content isn’t great if it can’t be seen, so we’ll make sure it’s distributed through all the right channels.


Content Marketing

We’ll delve into your audience and build a targeted strategy focused on creating and distributing valuable, pertinent and consistent content designed to attract, retain and engage consumers. We’ll tell you what motivates and what influences to drive steady interaction.

Web Design

Whether you’re in need of a brand new website, or a fresh look for an old one we’ll deliver. Creativity is where we’re at – and as a team we create beautiful, functional and powerful websites that are SEO fluid and designed to maximise your digital footprint.

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